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The Auditorium at the new Central Kitsap High School and Middle School in Silverdale, Washington was designed to not only support school music and dramatic programs, but also as an elegant, accessible public use space, for community events and to celebrate performance arts.

The theater’s proscenium opening spans 48′ wide and 20′ tall. The fly loft, which houses stage equipment and rigging, is constructed of 12″ concrete masonry units extending over 62′ from finished floor to top of wall. This configuration posed an interesting masonry beam design challenge for the structural engineering team.

Final beam height of 22′ was established due to large gravity loads required to be supported and vertical wall height between top of the opening and the auditorium roof level. Due to the significant beam size, both simple-span and fixed-end design approaches were considered. With the fixed-end design approach, the required deep beam analysis was performed, resulting in horizontal reinforcement placed in each CMU course for the height of the beam.

At each end of the beam, 24″ thick CMU piers were constructed as the beam’s gravity support and main lateral force-resisting system of the auditorium. Due to Washington’s high seismicity, these piers were required to be specially-reinforced shear walls. To meet ductility requirements, high-strength block was utilized for both piers and beam. Construction of the masonry walls was performed over two months.

Masonry lintel provides aesthetic continuity, brings one-trade constructability efficiency, tightens budget and enhances acoustics.

~ Thomas Corcoran, PE, SE | Engineer of Record tmcorcoran@comcast.net

~ Casey Moore, EIT | Project Engineer cmoore@integrusarch.com

Central Kitsap High School Auditorium Silverdale WA

Architect and Engineer Integrus Architecture | Seattle

General Contractor Skanska USA | Seattle

Mason Contractor Keystone Masonry | Yelm

Masonry Materials Mutual Materials | Bellevue