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Advancing the Knowledge of Masonry

Scott Walkowicz

If you’ve been designing, specifying or constructing masonry in the last few decades, you should be familiar with The Masonry Society (TMS) due to its participation in the development of the structural masonry Code and Specification (TMS 402/ ACI 530/ASCE 5 and TMS 602/ACI 530.1/ASCE 6). Those documents were great examples of cooperative effort, published until recently by a joint committee of TMS, ACI and ASCE. If you’ve read the last issue, v1.3, of SMART|dynamics of masonry where industry leaders gather and speak, you may know that TMS will, going forward, be the sole sponsor of this Code and Specification thanks to the efforts of many people through the years and the graciousness of ACI and ASCE. TMS 402 and 602 will now stand proudly as TMS flagship documents produced by a stand-alone TMS committees.

When I consider unification of the masonry industry, one of my focal points as TMS President, those committees stand out and well represent TMS as a whole. We have had, and will continue to have, input from the best minds in academia, practice and construction helping us craft strong and usable code and specification provisions for masonry. One way we can all come together to strengthen the industry is by working together and sharing varied and valuable knowledge and experience gained around the country through extremely diverse backgrounds and paths. As we work together, we build on each other’s progress!

Industry leadership and cooperative effort of TMS extends beyond the Code and Specification. Documents and standards for fire resistance and sound transmission, among others, also exhibit the necessary unified activity that allows us to help the industry grow and evolve. Another means by which we accomplish that is through education. Numerous presentations on topics from Code and Specification updates and application to Special Inspection, specific topics like Strength Design and many others are available to advance masonry design and construction knowledge. With thanks to our friends at ASCE/SEI, we’ve sponsored sessions on masonry, including hybrid masonry/steel building, at the last two annual Structures Congresses and we’re thankful for a continuing invitation for future events.

TMS also presents the University Professors Masonry Workshops (UPMW) at various sites, upon request, around the country. Through these workshops, many members share their years of design, construction and teaching experience and knowledge with potential college professors. In recent years, universities have seen the merits of teaching masonry and their professors have been given the confidence and the tools to then teach masonry well to new designers, construction managers, and researchers. The UPMW not only draws together diverse content from across our industry, but it is brought together by our industry with local and national sponsors providing locations, materials and other support for multiple days of activity. TMS offers strong leadership and can achieve much good when we work together in this way.

TMS members currently represent the masonry industry including brick, block and stone, cement and mortars, accessories, contractors, architects, engineers, construction professionals, inspectors, researchers, and building/code officials all with a common interest in Advancing the Knowledge of Masonry. Moving into the digital age, we are working with the BIM-M initiative, transitioning to electronic media and other means to make masonry information readily available now and in the future. Renewed emphasis on research will ensure masonry’s valuable position as the preferred high performance structural and thermal wall system with great added value of resilience, fire containment, sound isolation, sustainable products, beautiful aesthetics, and so much more.

Diverse and strong, we enlist active participation from those interested in influencing standards development and masonry education while having the opportunity to interact with and learn from the most experienced leaders of the industry. Join us in this opportunity to advance your own knowledge while contributing back your own expertise to advance the state-of-the-art masonry analysis, design, construction, evaluation, and repair. Walking together we can all travel much farther and more quickly down the road to reach our desired destination of more competent, masonry design and construction!

As President of The Masonry Society, I’m charged with looking around and ahead to help lead the organization. As someone who’s been part of the great masonry industry for years and influenced by its leaders, I’m able to now build upon the legacy that immediate past president and my mentor and Professor Emeritus at Clemson University, Russ Brown, and leaders before him have endowed to us. With credit to my dad and his experience with US Council for Automotive Research, I was introduced to the concept of leveraging. The idea of unifying our activities within a highly competitive industry is something that I yearn to implement. Through collaborative development and marketing, we can project a united industry that is more than competitive with any building structure and envelope system. We must leverage our time and incredible resources efficiently to help our industry achieve that goal. Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together!

BIA Launches 2014 with New Leadership The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has ushered in a year of change, appointing new board officers and staff leadership. Appointments follow the retirement of outgoing BIA President and CEO Gregg Borchelt, celebrated with top industry honors.

“Our board and council members continually demonstrate a strong commitment to BIA and the American clay brick industry,” said Ray Leonhard, BIA’s new president and CEO, promoted from chief financial officer and vice president of administration.

2014-2016 BIA Board Leadership Hanson Brick Senior Vice President Charlie Ward, also general manager Hanson Building Products – Light Products, Charlotte NC, begins a two-year term as BIA chairman of the board. Ward succeeds former Chairman Brett Packer, president, Packer Brick. The new BIA Vice Chairman is Sam Strang, president of Alley- Cassetty Brick, succeeding Bob Belden, president and CEO, The Belden Brick Co. Joe Rice, president, Belden Tri-State Building Materials, was named secretary.

BIA Manufacturer Council Chair is Davis Henry, president, Henry Brick Co. Suzanne McAnallen, president, Donley Brick Co, is BIA Distributor Council Chair.

New BIA Staff Leadership As President and CEO, Ray Leonhard will lead BIA in its strategic direction, effectively using the association’s resources to implement programs and services that maximize member value. New Chief Operating Officer Stephen Sears, former vice president of marketing and member services, will continue to lead BIA’s marketing and communication programs, member recruitment and member services. Sears will also help establish local brick councils in key markets around the country.

Honoring Borchelt Praised for his outstanding 40 years of industry wide service, the highly respected former BIA President and CEO Gregg Borchelt retired with honors, including: 2014 C DeWitt Brown Leadman Award by the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA). Borchelt was the second person ever outside the contractor community in the history of MCAA’s award recognized for exemplary leadership in advancing the masonry industry. And BIA’s 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the executive committee, recognized for his outstanding accomplishments and dedication to the advancement and betterment of the clay brick industry.

NCMA Leadership for 2014 Dale Puskas of Basalite Concrete Products was elected NCMA chairman of the board. As chairman, Puskas looks to continue the many initiatives the association is currently pursuing, including representing the industry in government regulations and organizational succession planning as new leaders begin to emerge. Joseph Bowen of Mutual Materials was elected as chair-elect of the board of directors, Charles Newsome moves into a past-chair officer role.

Regional chairs are:

REGION I: Gregory McElwee, Cinder & Concrete Block, MD and Jason Schmitz, York Building Products, PA REGION II: Tim Ortman, Oldcastle Architectural, GA REGION III: Bob Goldman, County Materials, WI REGION IV: Darryl Winegar, Midwest Block & Brick, MO REGION V: Joe Bowen, Mutual Materials, WA and Brian Austin, Sierra Building Products, CA REGION VI: Bobby Correia, RINOX, QC (Canada)

Filloramo to Speak at AIA Boston MED-Ed Facilities Conference Richard Filloramo, Director of Market Development & Technical Services of the International Masonry Institute, will present High Performance Masonry Design, Details & Costs as part of the high performance building track of classes for AIA continuing education credits April 1 at 4pm. Thermal mass benefits, insulation options, wall configurations and resulting Rvalues for code compliance will be explored. Deign, details and cost options using masonry materials and systems bring added value of security, durability, fire resistance, blast resistance, structural integrity and most competitive life cycle costs. Projects from New England will be featured. 1.5 Hour (HSW) AIA-CES SMART |dynamics of masonry is media sponsor.

Green Retires from General Shale CEO Richard L (Dick) Green retires from General Shale effective April 1. Spanning 40 years, Green’s career has been spent entirely at General Shale, North American subsidiary of Wienerberger AG and leading brick manufacturer. “After nearly 20 years at the helm of General Shale, and four decades working for this outstanding organization, I have decided that the time is right to retire,” Green says. “I am leaving with immense satisfaction in what we have achieved in the US brick industry. I also leave with great optimism for General Shale’s future, and I am confident that we have set a strong course for persistent, sustainable growth.” Following retirement, Green will consult with the managing board of Wienerberger’s North America operations.

Smith Becomes CEO Charles Smith, current president and COO of General Shale, will succeed Green as CEO. Smith is a 22 year veteran with General Shale coming up through the engineering & research ranks. He was responsible for the $90 million capital expansion for new product opportunities.

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