Designing Masonry for ALL Its Worth


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Deadline Extended to September 30, 2016


Become Recognized for your Masonry Savvy and High Performance Competence in Designing Masonry for ALL Its Worth

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Designing Masonry for ALL Its Worth

  • Salutes High Performance and Innovative Masonry
  • Masonry Beautifies and Protects Communities
  • Encourage it to Serve Generations

Let It Play Many Roles

  • Unparalleled Structural Wall System
  • Can Right the Budget with Efficient Schedule
  • Providing Resilience, Sustainability, Noise Abatement & more

Intent to Enter | Online Form


Please complete both fillable pdf forms and email to: [email protected]


Award Categories

Select categories for submission. Submit multiple entries

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DESIGN most cost effective structurally redundant system for building envelope providing both gravity and shear loads with inherent fire protection, noise abatement, sustainability, resiliency, efficient schedule

OPTIMIZING ENERGY PERFORMANCE DESIGN taking advantage of efficient insulated single wythe masonry, Well-insulated cavity wall construction, masonry’s most efficient thermal mass, and optimum due point placement

ACOUSTIC DESIGN for enhanced reflective performance STC ratings for noise abatement

RESILIENT DESIGN Design to protect people and property from natural and manmade disasters including fire, earthquakes, high winds and water.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN where masonry contributes significantly to LEED credits or similar

INNOVATIVE AESTHETICS use masonry in uncommon ways or articulation

GRAND MASONRY INTERIORS where masonry is used to accentuate special spaces such as board rooms, grand lobbies, gathering spaces and more

OUTDOOR GATHERING SPACES Where masonry defines or adorns federal/state/municipal land or a space outside of a commercial or institutional building to extend its functionality

USING MASONRY FOR ALL ITS WORTH where masonry is used in multiple ways


Entry is not complete until payment is received.

Entry Fee: $225

Project Name
Submitter Name & Company

Make checks payable to:

bs YOUNG & associates

1168 Yorkshire, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230.

Criteria & Entry Fees Entry fee is $225 / entry. Only completed entries for which the entry fee is fully paid will be judged. More than one award may be given in any class. Achieving any award will be based on meeting a minimum standard of excellence as determined by judges’ scores.


Call for Entries Deadline September 30, 2016.

Judging in October

Winners notified in October announced in Winter issue of SMART|dynamics of masonry.

Eligibility Entrants may be an architect or designer employed by an architectural or design-build firm, structural engineer, energy engineer, acoustic engineer, construction manager, general contractor, mason contractor or masonry materials producer or supplier in conjunction with the architect who is licensed in the United States or Canada at the time of the project’s completion. Any member of the design team may serve as the submitting architect. All team members who substantially contributed to the project’s design must be given credit on the submission form.

Any work of architecture in US or Canada completed since January 1, 2014, in which masonry products comprise the predominant exterior building (more than 50%), is eligible. Including face or hollow brick, structural brick, glazed brick, clay brick in special shapes and/or a combination of any of these units, concrete masonry units, natural stone, cast stone, manufactured stone. Entrant may submit more than one project for consideration.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]

Entry Materials

  • Up to 200 word project description & details
  • Detail drawings of any special aspect of performance or aesthetics
  • Define aesthetic and performance goals
  • Provide performance design capabilities reached, modeling and monitoring
  • Provide innovative aspects of materials, technologies, techniques
  • Provide contact information for owner | architect | structural engineer | energy engineer | acoustic engineer | general contractor, construction manager or design/build contractor| mason contractor |
  • Provide contact information for masonry brick, block, stone producer and distributor | mortar and grout provider | insulation manufacturer and installer | both manufacturer and distributor of flashing, drainage cavity, material ties or anchors, shelf angles and other accessories specified by an architect.
  • Photography – REQUIRED to be submitted online | 8.5” x 11” high resolution 300 dpi (20mb maximum email size.)
    • professionally taken beauty shot of front of building taken from an interesting angle
    • close up to show craftsmanship and articulation
    • particular detail of interest
    • interior masonry spaces as related to category of entry
    • exterior gathering spaces as related to category of entry
    • under construction of each performance element as related to category of entry
    • any other photos you feel compelled to share are welcome, up to 12 maximum

Submit entries to [email protected].

Judging Criteria

Only completed entries for which the entry fee is fully paid will be judged. In evaluating the entries, judges will rely solely on the materials submitted via the online entry to assist them in developing an understanding of the project. Submissions will be evaluated based on their creative and/or technical use of masonry in meeting structural, aesthetic and/or architectural design challenges as related to the category of entry. Each project will be evaluated according to how well it has executed the following criteria

  • General Objectives
    • does project fulfill any stated project goals?
    • does project use innovation to solve design or performance issues?
    • does project meet or exceed any performance expectation?
  • Specific Objectives
    • does project use masonry specifically to achieve design/performance expectation for the aspect called out by the award category?

Release and Consent

SMART|dynamics of masonry must have complete release and full consent from the owners and copyright holders to use all photographs, details and other submittals in connection with the Designing Masonry for ALL Its Worth High Performance/Innovative Design Awards Competition.

By submitting materials for award consideration, entrants are giving SMART permission to publish all images and information for any promotional use, including but not limited to SMART|dynamics of masonry, where industry leaders gather and speak in both print and digital edition as well as the MediaKit and any other promotional materials in print or online or social media.