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Green Meets Resilience

The US Green Building Council formally adopted the Resilient Building and Design Standard, RELi (pronounced rely) during the 2017 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston. RELi combines a comprehensive list of resilient design criteria with the latest in proven integrative process for developing next generation communities, neighborhoods, buildings, homes and infrastructure. A project rating system with an emphasis on resilience, RELi complements the intent of the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Enviornmental Design (LEED) program.

USGBC adoption positions RELi as a global, points-based rating system independent of LEED, but similarly administered by the Council’s Green Business Certification, Inc. subsidiary.

RELi Categories include: Panoramic Approach, Hazard Preparedness, Hazard Adaptation, Community Vitality, Productivity / Health + Diversity, Energy / Water + Food, Materials + Artifacts and Applied Creativity.

According to Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS) CEO Mike Italiano, “Resilience planning and adaptation are some of the most expensive public and private activities in US history. Independent research shows that the US has tens of trillions of dollars in resilience costs. When applied to buildings, homes and infrastructure, our national consensus standard can greatly reduce unprecedented costs and risks.”

The RELi Resilience Action List + Credit Catalog Reference Brief and other resources, developed by C3 Living Design Project, The Capital Markets Partnership and MTS, are openly available for use by project teams. C3livingdesign.org

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